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   Since 1987, Mike McGill's Skate shop has been providing professional quality skateboard goods to skateboarders of all levels. We take pride in being a 100% skateboarder owned and operated business. The skateboard community deserves a skateboard exclusive shop operated by people who live and breathe skateboarding. We do our best to feature all your favorite skate companies and their products, as well as providing the best in customer service. Our success is directly linked to the shops friendly atmosphere and skilled employees. Feel free to call or stop by and ask our knowledgeable skate-staff any questions you might have. We have been labeled the "Cheers" of skate shops, a place where everybody knows your name and you're always glad you came. Come to where the Pros go and trust. Some of our regulars include: Jake Brown, Chad Bartie, Lindsey Robertson, Ryan Bobier, Bob Burquist, Ryan Gallant, Ben Gilley, Pierre Luc Gagnon, Bucky Lasek, Kyle Leeper, Joe Pease, Lester Kasai, Chris Miller, Matt Mumford, Slash, Lizard King, Mike Crum, Rune Glifberg, Chris Cole, Chany Jeanquenin, Richard Angelides, Kenny Hoyle, Steve Steadham, Jamie Thomas, Danny Way, Adrian Demain, and Tony Hawk.

   We pride ourselves on having one of the largest selection of boards to choose from. Roughly 600 boards make up our stock from your favorite brands to some just emerging onto the scene, all organized from A to Z, all year long. Boards in all sizes and shapes: from the smallest minis for toddler size skaters, street boards for tech skaters, vert and pool size boards for older skate veterans, to a huge section dedicated to old school and vintage boards from Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, Dogtown, Alva, Santa Monica Airlines, Pocket Pistol, Hosoi, Vision, Madrid, Punk Rock Skateboards, Schmitt's Stix, Creature, Krooked, Z-flex, Real, and Pool King to name a few. Let our skate-staff help you choose the right board for your size and skate style. Also on our floor are four extra large longboard racks which hold most of what Sector 9 and Gravity have to offer as well as other brands like SkateDesigns, Z-Flex, Loaded, Carve Boards, Pool King, SkateOne, and more. Our selection allows us the ability to offer the best board for anyone in the family.

   To match our selection of boards we stock an equal variety of trucks, wheels, and bearings. For example, unlike most shops we always have a full stock of all 5 sizes of independent trucks, 129 thru 215 in all colors available, as well as the new low profile Indy truck in both sizes and all colors. The rest of our truck selection is stocked in the same manner and includes: Thunder, Thunder Lites, Venture, Krux, Royal, Grind King, Tracker, Destructo, Tensor, Silver, Fury, Force, Torch, Bullet, Blackout, and Industrial trucks.  For smaller skaters we also carry many mini trucks. Trucks designed for kids. Helping them progress much faster than a standard truck, they are designed to accommodated the narrower width of mini decks and kids lighter weights. Vert, wider, old school, vintage, and longer boards often times require wider or specialty trucks like those from: Randall, Bennet, Tracker, Independent, Gullwing, Thunder, and Grind King; which we keep in great supply.

   Wheels! Wheels! Wheels! We stock so many wheels! Super small street wheels, park and pool wheels, vintage and re-issue wheels, smaller softer wheels that are ideal for beginners, to huge grippy  wheels for those looking for high down hill speeds. Spitfire, Bones Street Tech and Bones Skatepark Formulas, Ricta, Gold, Flip, Plan B, Zero, Mystery, Girl, Chocolate, Baker, Element, OJ's, Santa Cruz, Bullet, Powell Peralta Re-issues, Sector 9, Type S, Gravity, What, Alligator, and Abec 11, are just a few of the brands we carry. Just as important is the large selection and knowledge of the bearings we showcase. For many, bearings can be a confusing and frustrating product to purchase. Bearings range from low end ten dollar bearings to high end 100 dollar bearings, leaving many skaters confused and usually miss-informed. Our expert staff will be happy to explain the differences and help you choose the best bearings for your skill level and budget.

   Our pad and helmet wall is always heavily stocked and ready to protect anyone no matter where you ride. Whether your riding the huge vert ramp at the Encinitas YMCA or skating the streets: 187, Boneless, Scabs, S-One, PRO-TEC, Airspeed, Bullet, and TSG all make pads that will suit your needs, from pro vert knee pads, to street and park elbow and knee pads, to wrist guards, to Smith and Gladiator knee gaskets. And we stock all styles year round. We also have a great selection of junior kits, for kids, from: Airspeed, TSG, Bullet, S-One, PRO-TEC, and Boneless to choose from. Helmets are no different we stock PRO-TEC, Bell, TSG, Viking youth, and S-One helmets in many different styles and colors. Including Bright colors like lavender and baby blue for the girls. With so many companies and styles of pads and helmets to choose from our expert staff will help guide you and make sure you get a set that fits you best.

   Our shoe selection is ready to equip the toughest of street and park riders as well as anyone going out for a night on the town. We stock sizes from 10K for the little ones to size 15 in Men's from the most popular brands in skateboarding footwear: Adio, Circa, DC, Dekline, Es, Emerica, Fallen, I-path, Lakai, Supra, Vox, and Vans. We stock shoes designed in full suede and gum soles for those who know the great grip, flexability, and durability they can provide will street skating, To full synthetic shoes for easy cleaning and vegan lifestyles. We stock the latest and greatest styles from all these brands but with how quick we can go through shoes we also have many great styles that are less expensive or on sale.

   McGill's clothing selection is as core as it gets. The shop is full of clothing from true skate brands like Independent, Kr3w, Spitfire, Thrasher, Planet Earth, Black Label, Innes, Toy Machine, Element, Vans, Emerica, Es, Zoo York, Fallen, Zero, Mystery, Santa Cruz, Powell Peralta, Enjoi, Blind, Matix, Slave, and more. Strictly apparel designed for skateboarding. Come in and take a look at our range of high-end premium denim and premium t-shirts to more economically priced styles to fit your budget. 

More than anything we love working with what we love to do, skateboarding. After visiting us we hope you will love it even more. For everything you could ever need to skate, from people you can always trust, McGill's is your only stop for skateboarding.

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